My American Made Votes for September 1

As I mentioned yesterday, I am voting every day from Makers who use recycled materials in the Martha Stewart American Made contest. Today I voted for:

1. Group Hug Quilts

Sammi lives in Cranbury, New Jersey and her quilts look yummy. She makes custom personalized quilts. I love her Pride Quilt. She uses recycled fibers.

 2. Fireclay Tile

They make tile using recycled materials such as recycled waste glass, granite dust and post consumer plumbing fixtures. If our family decides to go to the Family Nature Summit next summer in California, I hope to visit their factory in either San Jose or Aromas.

3. Grow Anthology

They make skateboards from recycled paper in Minneapolis – it’s all certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Each skateboard is made from 75-100 pieces of paper.

4. TrashN2Trees

Jenelle makes super cute t-shirts from recycled textiles and now fabric from recycled plastic bottles. Her designs for boys in particular are great because I’m really tired of only sports and violence in clothing for boys. She’s in Easton, Pennsylvania.

5. Angelica & Lamoine

They make Christmas ornaments from recycled Christmas trees. Duh! What a great idea! Super cute designs too. They are in Glendora, California. They had only three votes so I’m glad I was their fourth vote.

Which Maker will you vote for today?


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