Martha Stewart’s American Made Movement

As a Maker, I am a Martha Stewart fan and I am particularly infatuated with her American Made theme.

I first admired the profiles of American crafts people in her magazines, and always put them in my “save” file. Last year, I noticed a contest where 11 Makers were chosen to be American Made Honorees. One grand prize winner gets $10,000 to further their business.

Voting is now open for the 2013 honorees at the Martha Stewart American Made website until September 23.

I would love it if some of the winners were Trashmagination-minded i.e. they use recycled materials. To find those nominees, I went to Google and typed in the search – + recycled. That gave me all the entrants using recycled materials

Craftspeople Who Use Recycled Materials Who I Voted For Today

1. Deckstool

Attractive stools made from recycled skateboards, located outside of Philadelphia

2. Manely Recycled

Cute hobby horses for toddlers made from recycled materials, from Solana Beach, California

3. A Place To Grow

Greenhouses made from recycled windows and other building materials, located in San Luis Obispo, California

4. dordesign

Furniture made from recycled billboards, from Rumson, New Jersey

I Voted for One Nominee Who Doesn’t Appear to use Recycled Materials


Shawn Smith lives in Chicago. He makes a series of almost 500 characters of stuffed animals. He and his wife also created back stories for all the characters and an app where you can play with them. I got sucked in despite the lack of recycled materials. Super cute – my kids loved them. There is even an Shawnimal character named Russell who even sounds a bit like my son Russell! Nora’s favorite character was the Floppy Cat Monkey.

Shawn – if you see this blog – what are the chances of sourcing recycled materials? I have seen great fleece from recycled soda bottles.

2 thoughts on “Martha Stewart’s American Made Movement

  1. Marna on

    Carla, I’ve used the Quilter’s Dream Green batting, made from recycled soda bottles, and was very happy with it. Maybe there’s monkey stuffing too? 🙂

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