Listener Survey

This is the 125th episode of the Trashmagination podcast, and today I’m not going to share research on a specific type of creative reuse. Instead I’m going to ask for your input. I have been making this podcast since November 2016 and after five years, I’m finally running out of topics that I want to research.

So I made a listener survey and I would really appreciate it if you would respond. The questions are:

  1. How did you first learn about the Trashmagination podcast?
  2. What are your favorite episodes?
  3. Why do you listen to the Trashmagination podcast?
  4. I wish you would do an episode about _______.
  5. Here’s one thing I was inspired to do because of the Trashmagination podcast.

Please take the listener survey.

All the questions are optional, so if you only want to answer one question, that works just fine.

So hopefully you have gained some benefits from listening to this podcast over the past five years or for however long you have been listening, and you’ll let me know how I can continue to help you learn about creative reuse.

But it’s also okay with me if the Trashmagination podcast has run its course, and there is this body of work that can be helpful, but it’s time to free up my energy to do other fun things.

Thank you!

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