Buggle Blue

When I was researching green tours for the Blue Hill area in Maine, my friend Amy recommended a company named Buggle Blue which makes natural bug spray. I contacted the owner, Nina Fleming, but we agreed that it might not fit our green tour needs because basically, she mixes Buggle Blue in her kitchen so there was not much to show. So sadly, I did not think I would meet Nina when visiting Maine.

But then good luck intervened. I was visiting my friend Amy’s business, Peninsula Metamorphic Arts and Learning, and who should arrive, but Nina with boxes of Buggle Blue on their way to customers. Amy loads up on the spray for her summer camps because they can be used by children who are often allergic to other products. Nina very generously gave me two bottles to try.

It was the most unusual bug spray I ever used. It actually smells great. I don’t wear perfume, but if I did, I think it might be Buggle Blue.

I also loved her two bottles. One is blue glass, and anyone who has ever made sea glass jewelry knows that blue glass is the best! The other was a metal container to which she had attached a carabiner for easy attaching to your belt. That bottle never left my side during the Family Nature Summit and it’s almost empty now because so many folks tried it when we encountered bugs on our journeys.

What Keeps the Bugs Away?

Nina gave me the list of ingredients. Catnip oil is the main repellent ingredient, along with lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil and geranium oil. Nina told me that she just kept working on the exact recipe over the years, mostly for her daughter who attracts lots of mosquitoes. She comes from a science background so she was used to testing and tracking what she had done.

It also contains jojoba oil and aloe vera gel which moisturizes your skin.

With the main ingredient of catnip oil, you might be concerned that your cats will never leave you alone. Nina says her cats do not seem to notice, but Amy said her cat seems to be a little bit more loving when she is wearing Buggle Blue. Nina has also tested putting Buggle Blue on her dogs.

Where Can I Get Buggle Blue?

If you live in central Maine, Nina visits many farmer’s markets, and it is carried by many stores. I saw it a few times as I traveled around. If you live any where else, you’ll need to order it from the Buggle Blue website. Nina says she ships about one package a day. If you live in northern Virginia, you can come visit me and give it a try.

I asked Nina if she was hoping to “go big” with Buggle Blue but she said she is happy with the level of production she has right now. She seems like someone who is just proud to make a nice product and still have lots going on in her life.

You can also like Buggle Blue on Facebook.

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