Brown is the New Green

When I was originally planning to launch this blog, I had a number of ideas for blog names. Other than Trashmagination, my two favorites were:

  • Right Some Good – a Newfie saying that is self-explanatory
  • Brown is the New Green

I had these names in my head for years, so you can imagine how excited I was to find this little pad of paper with “my” slogan on it. I was visiting the Moonsnail Soapworks store in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, on vacation. I LOVE seeking out local stores who offer green products. Their soap came in the most amazing combinations. I have a “thing” for handmade soaps, especially goat milk soap.

Moonsnail Soapworks in Charlottetown PEI

Moonsnail Soapworks in Charlottetown PEI


The paper is made by a company named Mr. Ellie Pooh, that makes paper from elephant poo. I had heard about Mr. Ellie Pooh many years before but I didn’t know they made paper with “my” slogan!

Companies like Mr. Ellie Pooh definitely prove that trash is a failure of imagination!

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