Bee Celebration Idea

“Honey was once known as the soul of flowers” — Pliny the Elder

I think the universe is telling me that I need to do something creative and wonderful about bees.

Event #1: It started when I interviewed my colleague at work, David Ruckman, about his bee keeping hobby. He talked about how he could not help but become an advocate for bees after caring for their hives.

Event #2: Each day as I come in my front door, I am greeted by an “all-you-can-eat” milkweed buffet that is covered in bees. The bees are SO happy with our milkweed. There are often five or six bees on each giant pink bunch.

Event #3: I was working on a craft for the Family Nature Summit kids. It’s a necklace made from cardboard circles. Here is a photo of Nora modeling her sample. I was thinking – wouldn’t this be a fun craft if each little circle was a bee, and I come up with some way to make little transparent wings from plastic lids?

Reversible Cardboard Necklace

Reversible Cardboard Necklace

Event #4: I get an e-newsletter called the Daily DoGooder with great storytelling videos by non-profits. They shared a wonderful video about bee keeping called Love At First Bee.

Event #5: Tonight I was setting up my new Trashmagination Pinterest site, and kept seeing wonderful bee crafts from recycled materials like this bee from a recycled toilet paper tube or this bee hive from a recycled soda bottle or these bees from metal bottle caps.

Event #6: I have been running more outside, and often start my run by going up a windy trail behind my house.

So here is my idea – * drum roll * – I think it would be a lot of fun to have a Bee Luminaria Walk in my neighborhood.

  • It’s a Luminaria event so we can make the candles from beeswax. Also, isn’t everything more magical walking outside at night in candlelight?
  • We could create a series of luminaria or glass / tin can lanterns with bee designs punched into them.
  • People start at one end of the trail and walk down through the trail.
  • Along the way they make recycled bee crafts like the necklace or other items.
  • You could get a honey facial?
  • Could we build some kind of honeycomb maze / play structure?
  • We invite beekeepers who would like to sell their locally-produced honey. And of course, we have honey tasting of locally sourced honey.
  • We could make and/or sell bee houses like the one I made for our Family Fun website.
  • Walk volunteers could wear yellow shirts with black stripes (or black shirts with yellow stripes) and antennae headbands.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

I get a lot of ideas like this, and the hard part is knowing which ones to pursue. Everything sounds do-able and possible, but it all adds up, you know?

If you find this idea exciting, and can build on it, comment here!

3 thoughts on “Bee Celebration Idea

  1. Carla Brown on

    After Nora read my blog, she added the idea of bee face painting and now she is drawing designs.

    Also, I have an idea of making little bee crafts, putting them on sticks and building something like a meadow of bees.

  2. I am the garden committee chair at Del Ray Artisans and am working with volunteers to build a butterfly garden. We dug the soil last weekend, a butterfly friend is collecting milkweed seeds of two varieties and freezing them over the winter for us. We will plant in the spring. I would love to make this a bee friendly garden as well, since these small winged pollinators are sympatico. I plan on designing some small, educational signs this winter. Was thinking that mapping the area with prime bee and butterfly food and water sources/spotting would be a lot of fun. But that’s way out of my ability to make time for. Love your site.

    • Carla Brown on

      Pamela – I’m so impressed by your comment! You sound like you are doing wonderful things. I love Del Ray and wish I lived there many days. You never know how these ideas will come together some day!

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