Art Camp Using Recycled Materials

Nora’s recent art camp was “on theme” for a Trashmagination blog. How cool!

Melted Crayon Painting

Nora's crayon art - umbrella in the rain

Nora’s crayon art – umbrella in the rain

Melted crayon art has been super popular on Pinterest. Bob saw this project after day 1, and told me that Nora was making crayon art. I said, “Oh, is she melting the crayons with a hair dryer?” and he said, “No I don’t think so” because he had seen the art before she did that. Nora came up with this rather ingenious variation of having some people under an umbrella and then NOT melting the crayons as intensely above the umbrella. Very nice. The people are Nora and her friend Dominic. Nora says that when you put the hair dryer near the crayons, they actually pop rather than slowly ooze down the canvas. Wow.

Record Bowl

Nora's painted record - supposed to melt into a bowl, but this record didn't want to melt properly

Nora’s painted record – supposed to melt into a bowl, but this record didn’t want to melt properly

I love Nora’s design on her record. Unfortunately, when it was time to melt the record into a bowl shape, her record didn’t melt properly. She says it was because it was a long play record so it was too thick? I’m not sure, but we have a nice slightly curvy record plate.

Soda Can Insect

Nora's soda can dragonfly

Nora’s soda can dragonfly

Nora made a dragonfly for her project, while other kids did butterflies, ladybugs etc. I like how the bottle caps make very happy eyes on the little guy.

Camper Van with CD Wheels

Nora's CD camper van

Nora’s CD camper van

The camper van is made from cardstock folded along the top and then with highly decorated CDs for wheels. It actually stands up quite solidly. I’m thinking Nora was inspired to make a camper van because we have camped with my sister’s family and their awesome Westfalia camper van.

Cardboard Animal Portraits

Nora's painting was the lion above her head

Nora’s painting was the lion above her head

A simple recycling project really – just squares of cardboard – but nice use of a solid color background and I think it is a mixture of pastel and paint.

Tissue Paper Bottles

Bottles decorated with tissue paper

Bottles decorated with tissue paper

Nora says the instructors added the puffy lines and glass blobs before the camp, and the campers then filled in the spaces. They also made tissue paper flowers for inside the vase.

Clay Tiger

Nora's clay tiger - endangered species

Nora’s clay tiger – endangered species

While not a recycled material project, the theme was “green” in that they were asked to sculpt an endangered species. Nora picked a feline species, of course. I like the expression on her tiger’s face with those big eyes. Anime-inspired, I think.

If you are interested in this summer camp, check out the Reston Community Center’s Summer Camps. This camp is called LARK or Lake Anne Art Rave for Kids and I think they offer it every summer. Yeah for awesome Reston camps!

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