American Made Votes – Toys!

Today I am voting for nominees in the Martha Stewart American Made contest who are all making stuffed toys from green and/or upcycled materials. Here are my five favorites and my votes for today:

1. H Luv Fabrication

Heidi’s elongated stuffed critters and trees have a fun aesthetic – sewn in Sebastopol, California.

2. Lily and Gus

Ashley’s pastel quilted critters are sweet – I especially love the seahorses and rhinos – in Columbia, Missouri.

3. Snuggly Ugly

Indira’s bug-eyed critters have bodies clearly made from cashmere argyle sweaters – in Brooklyn, New York.

4. CooCube

On organic cotton, you can print photos of your family and make customized baby cube toys – made in Media, Pennsylvania. They are stuffed with fill made from recycled soda bottles.

5. Seven Acre Toys

Toys from organic cotton and Forest Stewardship Council wood made in Providence, Rhode Island

I wonder what our theme will be tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “American Made Votes – Toys!

  1. I know the folks at Seven Acre. Aren’t those just lovely toys? So glad to see them featured here. Nice stuff all around. Tomorrow’s theme could be accessories, so I’ll point you to two people who are doing great stuff with trash: AuH20 and Teke bags. I think you’ll like ’em.

    • Carla Brown on

      Excellent recommendations Zeke! Right now, I’m only featuring companies who are in the running for the Martha Stewart American Made contest for this series of blogs. I checked and unfortunately neither AuH20 or Teke are in there. But I am also putting together a page of places I want to see in my life “My World Tour” and these places will definitely go there. The good news is that Teke is in Baltimore and that’s super close, so I won’t have to wait for my world tour to visit! I love Baltimore!!! Keep the recommendations coming!

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