American Made Votes – Baltimore!

One of my favorite towns in less than an hour away – it’s Baltimore!

There are lots of Martha Stewart American Made nominees from there. Here are some of my favorites who use green and/or upcycled ingredients:


1. Local Color Flowers

Did you know that 80 percent of flowers sold in the United States are grown in other countries? Local Color Flowers sells only local flowers.

2. Leslie F. Miller

Incredible back splashes and other mosaics, often incorporating recycled items

3. Hex Ferments

Fermented local yummies

4. Earthworm Woolens

Knit items from unwanted woolen things that were perhaps put in the dryer?

5. Broken Plate Pendant Company

Breaking plates to make jewelry – perhaps there is a “breaking things” theme for Baltimore?

Love the city, love the Makers – yeah Baltimore!

Vote today for your favorite Makers who use green and upcycled materials in the Martha Stewart American Made contest!


One thought on “American Made Votes – Baltimore!

  1. Hello! I just wanted to thank you for showing my work on your site. My brand is Earthworms Woolens. I work in recycled fiber, I paint, and I also write fiction. My children’s wear is available at Fra Angelica Gallery in Cleveland, as well as the Holiday Shoppe at West Annapolis Artworks. Thank you so much again for featuring my work!

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