23 Years of Kisses

Twenty-three years ago today, I kissed my husband for the first time.

It was not a good kiss. Neither of us really knew much about kissing.

We had been good friends in grade 11, and then I went away to Lester B. Pearson College for a year. He wrote really great letters. I missed him.

That summer, we spent a lot of time together. When there was only a few weeks left of summer, we went to a movie, alone, without our other friends.

We went for a walk around a pond after. We kissed, awkwardly. I thought maybe the next day, he would say – “Oops! Let’s still be just friends.”

But he was persistent.

He came the next day and we walked around another lake. This time we were holding hands. I had never held someone’s hand except when I was supporting the Special Olympics athletes when I volunteered, so I held his hand like I was holding him up. He didn’t complain, too much.

I used to say to him, “I love you booger.” I don’t know why, it was a thing. We noticed someone had written those words down the highway. We asked my dad to take our picture there – check it out at the top of this blog.

We went away to school – he to Ontario, me to British Columbia. We called once a month from pay phones in our residences, after 11pm when the phone rates went down. Email did not exist yet. We wrote lots of letters. We were in a long-distance relationship for four years, until we moved in together in 1994.

Now it has been 23 years.

That is one amazing man. We are much better at kissing now.

I love you booger!

My Stages of Sleep Quilt

I made this quilt in 2000, after we had been together for 10 years. It shows the various moments at night, as we are getting ready, having a cuddle, sleeping and then waking up in the morning with our bedding in chaos. I made it to remind myself to NEVER take it for granted when I get to see him every day.

I like how the squares on the sides of the quilt make it look like a film strip.

Stages of Sleep Quilt by Carla Brown

Stages of Sleep Quilt by Carla Brown

Here’s a close up of the panel about cuddling, because that’s the most important, right?

Cuddling panel from Stages of Sleep

Cuddling panel from Stages of Sleep

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