Denim quilt sewn with patches of velvet and decorative buttons

Visible Mending

There is a creative reuse trend to mend your clothes with decorative stitches, making the item stronger and also more beautiful. You can listen to my podcast episode about visible mending which originally aired October 2020 in this YouTube video:

Benefits of Visible Mending

  1. People get excited about learning new ways to repair their clothes.
  2. People reduce how much new clothes they buy.
  3. People experience the meditative aspects of stitching.

Artists who Do & Teach Visible Mending

Katrina Rodabaugh – Her book, Mending Matters, is on my desk right now.

Arounna Khounnoraj, Bookhou

KZ Stevens

Gina Niederhumer

Amy Meissner

Mending workshop held via the Anchorage Museum


Susanne Watson-Bongard

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