Taiko ornaments that I made for my performance group, Nen Daiko

Taiko and Creative Reuse

If you listen to the Trashmagination podcast, you know I creatively reuse trash. My other hobby is playing taiko, or Japanese drums. You wouldn’t think those hobbies would have any commonalities – but they do!

You can listen to my podcast episode about taiko and creative reuse in this YouTube video. It originally aired in March 2017.

Fun Facts about Taiko and Creative Reuse:

  • Most taiko built in North America are actually a great example of creative reuse.
  • The Japanese word motannai means to regret waste and the word gomi means trash.
  • You can make a practice taiko from a trash can.
  • Both taiko and Trashmagination are built on the same value of interdependence.
  • I first learned about taiko because of Trashmagination.

Motainnai Song by Nobuko Miyamoto and FandangObon

Taiko-themed Creative Reuse Crafts by Trashmagination

Taiko player craft from recycled plastic caps - playing okedo

Trashmagination Checklist –  Recommendations of Activities to Try Based on this Episode

  1. Try a new activity – Expand your happiness by continuing to try activities, even when you think you are old enough to be set in your ways.
  2. Find a taiko performance near you – Spring and summer is a great time to find taiko as we participate in Cherry Blossom events in spring and Obon festivals in summer.
  3. Find a group of people who want to chase a goal with you – It can be life-changing to be part of a group where everyone is motivated with the idea of doing something great.

My taiko group is Nen Daiko

Playing taiko with Nen Daiko - Photo by Bruce Guthrie
Playing taiko with Nen Daiko – Photo by Bruce Guthrie

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