Sewing Pusheen Toys for Christmas

My kids are in love with a very fat cute cat named Pusheen who is an internet meme.

I bought my son a Pusheen sweatshirt that was his #1 request for Christmas. I almost bought them Pusheen plush toys, but decided to sew my own instead, using Eco-Fi Recycled Fiber material & gray wool recycled from old clothes.

To make the Pusheen, I drew its shape on the gray fabric two times for the front and back. I sewed the face and whiskers on first.

Then I cut some quilt batting into a few jelly bean shapes, and placed them inside the front and back. Then I sewed the front and back together.

Finally, I added the gray wool details to the head, back and tail.

I think this is a cool technique for making plush shapes because they are not so fat, and thus easy to pack in a bag to take places.

My kids with their handmade Pusheen toys

My kids with their handmade Pusheen toys

My son in his Pusheen sweatshirt

My son in his Pusheen sweatshirt



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