Plastic Milk Jugs & Hornby Island

Plastic milk jugs are a flexible creative reuse material for many projects. And find out the story of how I started doing creative reuse!

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Trashmagination Listener Question

My friend Emily asks “How do I generate Trashmagination project ideas?” I’ll explore two typical ways – either inspired by the materials or inspired by an end project idea.

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Trashmagination Tale

How volunteering at a recycling center in a unique community helped set the stage for Trashmagination.

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Trashmagination Quotation

“It really isn’t garbage until you mix it all together.”

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Garbage Land: On the Secret Trail of Trash by Elizabeth Royte

Transcript of Trashmagination Podcast 1 on plastic milk jugs and Hornby Island

Thanks to my husband Bob Welland for sound editing assistance.

The Trashmagination podcast theme music is Kitchen from the Marian Circle Drum Brigade.

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