Neck Ties and Dress Shirts: Creative Reuse Ideas for Father’s Day

Dress shirts and neck ties used to be every-day wear – until casual Friday became casual every-day. Now a lot of formal work attire needs to be re-made into something more useful.

In episode 18 of the Trashmagination podcast, get inspired this Father’s Day to remove an under-utilized tie from the closet and make it into something more fun.

You can listen to my podcast episode about creative reuse of neck ties and dress shirts in this YouTube video. It originally aired in June 2017.

Check out the butterflies I sewed from neck ties!

Butterflies made from neck ties

Butterflies made from neck ties

(My daughter called them “butter-ties.”)

They were inspired by this tutorial for fabric origami butterflies.

Trashmagination’s Creative Reuse of Neck Ties and Dress Shirts

Other Project or Gift Ideas

Helpful Videos about Creative Reuse of Neck Ties and Dress Shirts

Artists Who Incorporate Dress Shirts

Kaarina Kaikkonen

Sherri Lynn Wood, Passage Quilts

Derick Melander

Guerra De La Paz – Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz

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