Nora and Mom, May 2014

My Mom’s Ocean Rug – Happy Birthday!

In honor of my Mom’s birthday, here’s a quick blog about a rug I hooked for her a few years ago.

My mom lives in Nova Scotia and she loves to live near the water. Her house right now looks over Lake Banook. My parents walk around Lake Banook most days because there is a very nice walking path with boardwalks. They love to watch people paddling and rowing. They recently purchased a canoe which we are looking forward to paddling this summer.

A few years ago I made my mom this rug to celebrate how much she loves being at the edge of the water. It is hooked with wool from recycled wool suits. The starfish is from a pink kilt, so the plaid gave it a very nice texture.

Mom's Ocean Rug
Mom’s Ocean Rug

Mom and Rug Hooking

Mom first introduced me and my sister to rug hooking when we were kids. We grew up in Nova Scotia where there is a lot of traditional rug hooking. We hooked our first rug with yarn rather than strips of wool.

Our First Hooked Rug
Our First Hooked Rug

One time we took a trip to Amherst to visit the rug hooking studio of Deanne Fitzpatrick, one of the “superstars” of the rug hooking world.

Mom and me at Deanne Fitzpatrick's studio, July 2008
Mom and me at Deanne Fitzpatrick’s studio, July 2008
Mom's hooked rug - Deanna Fitzpatrick pattern
Mom’s hooked rug – Deanna Fitzpatrick pattern – May 2011

Mom and the Beach

There are two beaches where we spend a lot of time with Mom – at Banook Lake near her home and at North Myrtle Beach where we visit them in the spring each year.

Mom & Russell at the beach, April 2012
Mom & Russell at the beach, April 2012

So there are some happy rug hooking and beach memories Mom! Love you and hope you had a great birthday!