Hub cap art by Sharon Zigrossi from Blooming Hub Caps

Hub Caps Creative Reuse

Artists around the world are painting and sculpting hubcaps into astounding works of art. You will never look at a hubcap on the side of the road in the same way after hearing about today’s creative reuse artists.

You can listen to my podcast episode on the creative reuse of hub caps from February 2021 in this YouTube video:

Did you know that most hubcaps made after the 1970s were plastic? And that most cars today don’t even have a separate hubcap? That means there are lots of plastic hubcaps just waiting to be made into art.

Blooming Hub Caps

The hub cap art featured at the top of this blog is by Sharon Zigrossi from Blooming Hub Caps. She emailed to say that she enjoys the Trashmagination podcast. And she was hoping I could do an episode on hubcaps. We had a lovely call over Zoom and she was correct – we were kindred spirits! Her hubcap art is awesome!

Sharon is interested in teaching more people how to make hubcap art so I hope you will follow her on social media!

Other Hubcap Painters

This school did a hubcap painting project:

Ptolemy Elrington, Hub Cap Creatures

Ptolemy sculpts plastic hub caps into beautiful and life-like animal sculptures.

Hub Cap Guitars

Steve Einhorn made a slide guitar from a hub cap:

Thomas Peterson from Refuse Reuse makes guitars from many different materials. Here is his tutorial for a hub cap guitar:

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