A chunk of brown bread with a glass of beer - photo by Gianluca Gerardi

Bread and Grains Creative Reuse

Can you make art from unwanted or stale bread? And what can you make from the grains used to make beer? Artists and entrepreneurs around the world find creative ways to make beautiful and useful things from bread and grains.

You can listen to my podcast episode about reusing old bread and brewer’s spent grains from April 2021 in this YouTube video:

Entrepreneurs Who Creatively Reuse Unwanted Bread

Upprinting Food in the Netherlands

Toast Ale in the United Kingdom

Misadventure and Co – makes vodka from baked goods

Entrepreneurs Who Creatively Reuse Brewer’s Spent Grain

RISE Products

Makes flour that has 12 times the fiber, 2 times the protein and 1/3 the carbs

Regrained – Makes granola bars and snack puffs

The town of Bozeman, Montana, uses brewer’s spent grains to help with wastewater treatment

Artists Who Creative Reuse Bread

Artists who toast bread to varying colors to make murals

Junk Kouture 2019 Entry – I’d Like to Make Toast

Matteo Lucca – makes bread sculptures of people

Markus Jeschaunig – filled an Arc de Triomphe sculpture with stale bread

What You Can Make with Stale Bread or Grains

Avoid letting bread go stale by having a “Eat Soon” box

Make croutons, bread crumbs, crostini, bread pudding and French toast

Make ribollita (a vegetable stew thickened with bread) or panzanella (bread salad)

Make oatmeal cake from leftover oatmeal

Salvage a fallen or burnt cake to make a jelly roll

Make sculpture dough with white bread

Embroider bread

Apps & Grocery Stores which Rescue Food

Bread Art (Awesome but not Creative Reuse)

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