Blogs I Follow

  • Betz White – I own her books Sewing Green and Warm Fuzzies. I love her slogan – “Stitch beautifully… tread lightly.”
  • Filth Wizardry – I idolize this woman. She makes the most amazing activities with her kids from mostly recycled materials. And her husband has his own blog, where he explains how he makes all the electronics behind her activities.
  • Lil Fish Studios – I am entranced by her felted stones with stitching – MUST.TRY.SOON.
  • Nancy Nicholson – Love her stitcheries
  • Recreated Design Company – You can just search, and search, and search and keep finding awesome projects. Love their workshops too – unfortunately all the way in Sweden!
  • Salt City Found Object Instrument Works – Zeke Leonard, soulmate from the realm of music, thanks Jess for introducing us online.
  • Soulemama – Reading her blog is a spiritual experience. I own her two of her books too – Handmade Home and The Creative Family.
  • The Happiness Project – The author Gretchen Rubin talks about how starting a blog became a source of happiness for her – and it was one of the main reasons I started this blog!